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Roquelin Gardens

This small garden on the banks of the Loire is completely filled with roses, forming an delightful display of colours. Their delicate fragrance floats through the air.

Following the rose path

This is an intimate garden, a garden in which you will feel at home. The scents may even remind you of your childhood.

On either side of the small grassy paths there are 450 varieties of roses, mostly old, climbing over arbours and chestnut laid screens reminiscent of medieval gardens. Many of them have delightful names such as 'Garland of Love' or 'Fine Friend', and their colours blend beautifully with the perennials including delphinium, iris, salvia and spurge.

Benches along all the paths invite vistors to take a romantic and scent-filled rest.

In the Roquelin gardens you will also come across animals everywhere, including hens, cocks, peacocks, geese... all of which love to be admired, to the greatest delight of the visitors!

Take a tour around the garden nursery. Most of the garden plants are on sale here so you can recreate your own little rose garden of roses!
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