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The Château and gardens of Villandry

The Château of Villandry is the most recent of the great Châteaux to have been built on the banks of the Loire. Its terraced Renaissance gardens are in perfect harmony with the beauty of its tuffeau stone facades, and the gardens themselves are a colourful living masterpiece!

The history of the site

It was Joachim Carvallo, the great-grandfather of the current owner, who bought the Château of Villandry in the early 20th century. Along with his wife he embarked on a major project to restore the château, built by Jean Le Breton, Minister to King Francis I, to its original splendour. Without a doubt, however, it is in his exceptional French Renaissance gardens that the essence of this man of science is best expressed. 

The art of the Renaissance period blossoms in the gardens

Composed of nine squares identical in size, the decorative vegetable garden is the pearl of the gardens of Villandry. Vegetables and flowers form an astonishing patchwork of different colours which changes with the passing of the seasons. The château's team of gardeners replant this area twice a year, using no less than 40 different species of vegetables!

Take a stroll through the elegant spaces within the decorative garden. The first area, composed of four different squares, evokes tender love, passionate love, inconstant love and tragic love. The second, planted with box and yew topiary, symbolically evokes music. Then walk up to the viewpoint in the woods, where you will be able to appreciate all the beauty of these gardens from above.

The large pool, fountains and lawns of the water garden invite visitors to linger and daydream, while a little further on you will lose your way in the labyrinth of arbours! On the highest terrace, the sun garden, an enclosed garden surrounded by lime trees has been created based on drawings by Joachim Carvallo.

An organic garden and paradise for birds

Laurent, the Head Gardener, has had a single idea in mind since he first arrived here: transforming the gardens of Villandry into a "100% organic" zone. The use of chemical insecticides and fungicides has been replaced by natural methods, and this ecological approach has encouraged the arrival of a number of birds, thanks to which the Château of Villandry has been awarded the "Refuge" label by the "Ligue de Protection des Oiseaux" (French Society for the Protection of Birds). 

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